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Hello there! Thank your interest in Rebecca Mabey Photography

Each year we select a small number of auctions for local charities and schools to give back to the community and contribute to those causes.

Above is a sample of what our setup typically looks like.  In addition, we include a Printed Piece detailing what is included for the bid with a QR code that will direct the user here with more info about what we offer more fully as a portrait boutique experience should they decide to make an investment beyond what was included at the auction.  For online auction events, we ask that this link be included.

The Gift Basket Includes: a wrapped gift card from Rebecca Mabey Photography, a candle, seasonal florals, other small home and seasonal decor items and our welcome guide/ pricelist

Arrangements for pick up and drop off our our auction setup may be arranged and an image for setup will be included for helpers.

For questions please call Rebecca at 385-218-9660 or email studio@rebeccamabeyphotography and we will get back to you asap


Auction Event Info

After the bidding has taken place, we ask for the contact info of the winning bidder, so after the event, we may make an effort on our part to arrange their consultation and portrait session.

Contact Information

Our contributions to an auction will vary depending on the audience attending.  When it comes to larger events with a live auction, we are happy to attend and share more about the boutique portrait experience as well as provide a larger contribution to your cause.

Live Auctions