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Unicorn-Birthday (9)

Photography by Effervescent Media Works

Who isn’t on the Unicorn Cra-cra-zy train lately?  We are all for the magical creature at our house.  Bring on the glitter and gold, rainbows and sparkles.

My daughter loves unicorns, ice cream and donuts, so we tried to incorporate those things for her birthday!

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I recently got together and did a collab with one of the most down to earth, fun bright and colorful moms I know!  Here name is Jessi, but she currently goes professionally by Jessica Danielle. She is a party planner and photographer.

Together we chat DIY, party planning and she shows us how to make a Tulle Tutu.

Recently she put on an adorable Unicorn Party for her 4 year old.  Complete with the ponies and magical horn and bright color.

The girls pranced around and danced and had a blast.


Beautiful cake by Cakes by Jessica This little cake topper is so adorable.  I can’t get over it.


This adorable silver sparkled four year old unicorn shirt is from Aubrey Bills  Boutique


Adorable backdrop by Kristy Lynne Horsley.  Those unicorn cut outs and patterns is so fun!


This adorable unicorn costume is from Princess Paradise! Love all their costumes.  Such great quality and it was the perfect outfit for Brynley’s “Royal” birthday trot to presents.

I think every little girl at some point had a stage of exciting galloping around like a horse or unicorn.


Be sure to check out and subscribe to Jessica Danielle Photography here: https://www.instagram.com/jessica.danielle.photography/

And if you are located in the Salt Lake and West Jordan areas of Utah, be sure to inquire for your next upcoming birthday party!  Whether you decorate or just want someone there to document the day!  It takes such a stress off so you can enjoy the party yourself!

Below is Brynley’s full video captured by Jennie Case.  Jennie captured my 2nd child’s birth.  I am so comfortable with her and I love her videos. Consider her for your upcoming event or wedding!


Photography: Jessica Danielle Photography and Party Planning

Videography: Jennie Case

T-Shirt: Aubrey Bills Boutique

Cake: Cakes By Jessica

Unicorn Costume by: Princess Paradise

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